Name: Maya Assunção Llanos

I’m 5 years old …

I am very friendly and love Mama, but everyone knows that I am passionate about Papa. I have a sweet disposition to those that I know & strangers with good vibes. I behave well, although I was never trained professionally.

When I arrived at this home which is more mine than my parents- my papa said that I had to be a well-educated girl in order to be treated like a princess and princesses cannot have “accidents” at home.

That is why in all of these wonderful years I was never reprimanded because I paid attention to papa’s admonition.

I hate clothes that Mama insists on me wearing (which I take off). Nonetheless, she keeps buying beautiful dresses. To please her and let her take a picture I wear them for five minutes only.

I almost forgot: I have an 18-year-old sister (Beauty), she adores me, I like her.

I am loving being a model.

I hope to meet & join many associates so that we can all go together to the park to help our friends who’re not fortunate to be adopted as I was.