It was in August 2020 that our life changed. Zoe, like many other quarantine dogs, brought us joy, fun, comfort and a new challenge, at a time when uncertainties were present at the heart of humanity.

The idea of ​​adopting a dog was not new. Two of our children, Charles and Belinda, had always dreamed of having a little dog, but life seemed too busy. With the pandemic and quarantine we finally had time to dedicate to a new member of the family. So we started our search, found Zoe in Kentucky, and decided to go get her. It was an adventurous 15 hour anxiety filled road trip, as we couldn’t wait to meet her. The first date was magical and love at first sight. So with great joy we brought our Border Collie to the Florida heat.

From then on, there were moments of a lot of adaptation, and learning, which cost us some furniture, walls and rugs that were “lovingly” snapped up by our newest faithful friend. It was during this adaptation and learning phase that we began our search for training and educational videos. The search process brought training and education tips for both Zoe and us, also opened our eyes to the harsh reality that many dogs have a very harsh life.

I believe that most people, like me, are aware of the abuse suffered by many dogs. They are routinely abandoned or are mistreated by third parties or their own owners. I think that awareness of this harsh reality is what drives us to change the situation and make a difference in the life of man’s best friend, the dog.

It is with this idea of helping dogs in need, more specifically the abandoned and abused victims that the Dogs Helping Dogs Club Project was born. Our project seeks to raise funds to help dogs in need, thus providing a dignified and happy life for our best friends.

The Dogs Helping Dogs Club Project was inspired by Zoe’s happiness, and one of the club’s objectives is that, like her, everyone deserves to be loved, respected and happy.

If you, like me, have a happy dog, join
your pup in the Dogs Helping Dogs Club, and let him/her be part of this great canine chain of good.

The inspiration

Zoe was born on June 14th, 2020 in Kentucky. She is a black and white border collie, weighs 50 pounds, and resides in Parkland, FL. She lives with her human family of 5, likes to exercise, fetch the balll, is smart, charismatic and affectionate. She loves to eat chicken and bananas, and understands English, Portuguese and sign language.

Is your dog your best friend? Tell us a little about him/her.