Beauty Assuncao

Breed: Glen of Imaal Terrier Mix
Weight: 7 lbs

Lilly Chanel Gesund

DOB: 03/06/2021
Breed: York Shire Terrir
Weight: : 5.5 lbs

Lisa Presley

DOB: 07/19/2006
Breed: Chihuahua
Weight: 6 lbs

Luna Lovgod

Louie Ferreira

DOB: 06/22/2020
Breed: Chiuhuahua
Weight: 10 lbs

Luna Lovgod

Luna Lovgod

DOB: 09/15/2011
Breed: Maltese / Poodle Mix
Weight: 11 lbs

Maya Assuncao Llanos

DOB: 04/17/2017
Breed: Chihuahua – Pincher Mix
Weight: 16 lbs

Princess Edwards

DOB: 12/10/2016
Breed: Mutt
Weight: 10 lbs

Name: Target

DOB: 03/19/2012
Breed: Bull Terrier
Weight: 50 lbs
Hobbies: Walk and play with friends

Name: Zoe Beuke

DOB: 06/14/2020
Breed: Border Collie
Weight: 51 lbs